A Mobile/Web Application That Connects Brands With Social Media Influencers


AmassCity is a mobile/web application that connects brands with social media influencers. This online platform allows businesses and social media influencers to start a partnership that benefits both parties through strategic brand development. The platform provides a hassle-free user interface that does not deduct from the social media influencers’ pay or charge them an additional fee. The businesses that use the app are charged an affordable transaction fee. This helps the businesses stay on budget while providing a platform to connect with the influencers and market to consumers.

The Problem

The AmassCity Inc. founder had an idea for a B2B product. This would be a platform that would link businesses with social media influencers (SMIs) to create the perfect social media marketing relationship.
The core challenges in creating this platform included:
• Developing a streamlined interface and process that is user-friendly
• Developing a database of pre-approved SMIs for businesses to “shop” from
• Implementing categorizations of SMIs for streamlined searching
• Implementing an internal SMI/business rating system
• Implementing a communication module that would allow SMIs and business to communicate
• Creating a system that would allow a quick and efficient connection with minimal search effort
Bytecraft began this project with an initial brainstorming session with the client in order to understand the unique perspective of this idea. After all the requirements were gathered, our team started white boarding our ideas to brainstorm the app’s user flow and UI. The app needed to have following key functionalities:
A back-end system which included a login screen and separate dashboards for business owners and social media influencers. We also needed to collect information regarding how many followers and likes a social media influencer yields. The app should also have a real time chat mechanism to allow businesses and influencers to communicate. The front-end website would be used for marketing purposes.


Bytecraft was able to provide a state of the art web application that covers both front-end and back-end aspects of the requirements. The website was developed using a responsive technique and UX/UI approaches. We built the back-end using Laravel PHP framework and MySQL database. Instagram API was used to pull influencer’s data from Instagram.
Within the first month of the app launch, about 100 influencers and businesses registered to use the platform. They were able to contact each other and build a working relationship via AmassCity’s app.