Boss Motors of Naperville

Inventory Management System App


Boss Motors of Naperville is a dealership in Chicago that sells quality cars at affordable pricing.

The Problem

Boss Motors of Naperville wanted a cost effective website along with a back-end system that would allow them to seamlessly post and manage their inventories. They also wanted to be able to push their live inventories into major auto classified websites such as: Cargurus,, and Auto Trader.
Their requirements also included a back-end system that is login protected and allows administrators to access it. In addition to a screen with the ability to “Add Inventory” by capturing a VIN number and automatically pulling the vehicle related information in order to make the job easier for the owner.


After 3 short months, Bytecraft was able to develop a comprehensive system based on Boss Motor’s requirements. First, our team developed the back-end and implemented the authentication module. For VIN number decoding, we used Edmunds API and were able to establish a mechanism to feed json data directly into our system. We have also implemented a website and a back-end module that allows owners to manage content, select a theme, and adjust the design of their website. We worked directly with multiple classified websites to establish a pipeline in order to provide automatic data feed into their system based on the different API requirements each of the classified sites had.