Hawthorne Development Agency

Web Application


Hawthorne Developmental Agency is an organization that provides therapy services to children with a developmental delay. It currently employs about 17 therapists that visit the children on a weekly basis. During each visit, a therapist will conduct an observation and take notes on a special form.

The Problem

No automated process was in place for the submission forms and there were no tracking mechanisms. All forms were paper based and filled out manually by the therapists.
Hawthorne Developmental Agency hired Bytecraft (formerly known as 312 Sites) to develop an automated web based system that would allow therapists to record notes of their visits online. This system had to be login protected and all therapists and the children they visit would be preloaded into the system in advance. The system had to allow an agency owner to generate reports in the backend administration panel. The system had to be HIPAA compliant and any sensitive information has to be protected following current HIPAA standards.


After a couple of face-to-face discussions with the client and listening to all their requirements for the system, the Bytecraft team developed UX/UI wireframes and a general flow of system which contained only the minimum required set of features.
Once the wireframes were approved and locked-in, our team started building out the system using PHP MVC framework Laravel for the back-end and a Bootstrap CSS framework for the front-end Admin interface and Therapist Forms.
Due to HIPAA requirements, we have decided to store the application and database on a secure AWS EC2 cloud server environment and all of the sensitive information was encrypted in the database.

The Bytecraft team was able to deliver a web portal according to specs and exceed the client’s expectations. This web portal has freed up time for Hawthorne Agency and their contractors. It has also improved record keeping, data collection, scheduling, and invoicing. Ultimately, it has allowed Hawthorne Agency to take their business to the next level.