Red + Blue
Red + Blue
Mobile App Development

Red + Blue Mental Health App, a purpose-built solution for the mental well-being of first responders.


Mood Tracker:

Functionality: Gain a deeper understanding of emotional well-being.

Purpose: Track and analyze moods over time, fostering self-awareness and enabling identification of patterns in emotional states.

Helpful Activities:

Functionality: Provides a curated collection of activities to promote mental wellness.

Purpose: Access stress-relief exercises, mindfulness practices, and other activities tailored to offer support during challenging moments.

Dashboard with Historical Mood Data:

Functionality: Visualizes the mental health journey over time.

Purpose: The comprehensive dashboard allows tracking progress, identifying trends, and celebrating achievements, offering a holistic view of well-being.

Support Line:

Functionality: Offers a dedicated support line for immediate assistance.

Purpose: Connect with professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by firefighters and policemen, providing guidance and support when needed most.