Our Case Studies
We designed and built digital health products from the ground up.
Here’s a few of our favorites:


Infinite Connect is a personalized hub of care that simplifies the prosthetic care experience and helps users spend less time in a doctor’s office and more time living by providing all the resources needed to live an optimal lifestyle.


Theralens is a platform for therapy practices, effectively addressing client engagement challenges while providing a measurement-based care approach. It accomplishes this through an array of personalized behavior-tracking tools, worksheets, assessments, and educational materials.


Red + Blue Mental Health App, a purpose-built solution for the mental well-being of first responders.


YWAIT, a SaaS platform developed in collaboration with Bytecraft, offers a practical solution for medical appointment scheduling. Tailored for medical providers, this system allows professionals to efficiently utilize unused time slots, providing patients with the option to book premium-rate appointments without traditional wait times.