Mental Health

Theralens is a platform for therapy practices, effectively addressing client engagement challenges while providing a measurement-based care approach. It accomplishes this through an array of personalized behavior-tracking tools, worksheets, assessments, and educational materials.

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Key Features:

Mood & Behavior Trackers

Provide your clients with the ability to monitor their progress and gain visibility into their response to treatment. Utilize custom check-in surveys, automatically sent through the mobile app, to track your patients' behavior and responses.

Built-In Worksheets & Assessments

Deliver tailored assessments and interactive worksheets to actively engage your clients in their therapeutic journey, designed to suit individual needs, thereby facilitating a more personalized approach to therapy

Self Help Materials

Provide your clients with access to our custom self-help materials, including videos, soundbites, and written content, tailored to your clients' needs. These resources empower individuals to foster self-awareness, develop coping strategies, and achieve personal growth in their mental well-being journey

Provider Portal

Providers are able to assign assessments and worksheets to their clients directly from the portal. Upon completion of the assessments or worksheets by clients, providers are able to view the results and track historical values.