We Help Entrepreneurs
To Bring Their Vision To Life With the Power of Low-Code and AI.

Launch. Test. Scale Your Product 10x Quicker and With a Lower Cost.

Launch Fast
Save Cost
Grow & Scale

We are Your dedicated product team that specializes in building SaaS solutions leveraging the latest advancements in technology such as AI and Low-code platforms.

What We Do...

Low-Code SaaS Product Development

AI-Powered Business Automation

Product Market-Fit Validation & Strategy

We Work With...
1. Startups

With our small crew of product engineers, we can easily build and launch your product by keeping costs super low and leveraging low-code platforms/AI without you needing to hire a traditional software agency our outsource to other country.

2. Solo Enterpreneurs

Got a product idea or looking to improve existing product but flying solo? No problem. Our expertise makes it simple for solo entrepreneurs to create their own apps and software without needing an army team of developers or project managers.

3. Small & Midsize Businesses

Looking to save tons of costs and improve efficiency of your business? We can help your business achieve that by introducing AI-Powered automation of your business processes.

Recent Case Studies


Infinite Connect is a personalized hub of care that simplifies the prosthetic care experience and helps users spend less time in a doctor’s office and more time living by providing all the resources needed to live an optimal lifestyle.


Theralens is a platform for therapy practices, effectively addressing client engagement challenges while providing a measurement-based care approach. It accomplishes this through an array of personalized behavior-tracking tools, worksheets, assessments, and educational materials.
"The app has just launched and received praise from preliminary users. Bytecraft  delivered high-quality work through a smooth collaboration thanks to their quick response times and regular updates. The team charged cost-effective prices for their high-quality work and expertise"

- Jonathan Bateman, Founder of Red+Blue
"Bytecraft delivered an exceptional platform that users appreciate. They succeeded in digitizing previously manual tasks. An intuitive frontend interface facilitates productivity and organization. Their founder was heavily involved in the project and offered transparent communication."

- Marcus Hawthorne, Owner, Hawthorne Developmental Agency